Here are the opinions of some of our customers:

Casino De Madrid

Casino de Madrid

Andrés Rodríguez, Manager: "We are very satisfied with the advice of Arquitectura saludable regarding the monitoring of air quality and the placement of portable purifiers and ducts. The purifiers serve us both to make our staff and the people who attend the events that are organized in the Casino feel safer."

Scope: purifiers with PCO, both portable (with HEPA filter) and ducts, and permanent monitoring of indoor air quality.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Inés Perea, CEO: "They have excellently cared for air quality by changing all existing ducts, improving current filters, placing purifiers in ducts and monitoring with 3 probes the air quality we have, which generates tremendous confidence in all staff because it can access data both in real time and historically"

Scope: purifiers with PCO in ducts and permanent monitoring of indoor air quality.

Vall Banc


José Luis Dorado, CEO: "Purifiers with a novel technology proposed by Arquitectura saludable have provided us with the possibility of lowering the viral load and consequently the feeling of a safe environment with respect to Covid. This has generated double confidence, both towards the customer and employees, and this is very important to us"

Scope: Portable purifiers with PCO and HEPA filter.

Impulsa Capital

Impulsa Capital

Irene Hernandez, founding partner: "Very quiet; gives us peace of mind knowing that we are in a protected space"

Scope: Portable purifiers with PCO and HEPA filter.


Ayuntamiento de Vallromanes

Mireia Núñez de Prado, Lieutenant of the Mayor: "We have worked with Arquitectura Saludable and have carried out an air quality monitoring in 2 educational centers and 2 municipal facilities of our municipality where we felt that there could be an increased risk of contagion of the Covid 19 by number of people and characteristics of the property. Arquitectura Saludable has accompanied us at all times not only in the analysis of data and conclusions of the study, but also solving doubts and providing solutions adapted to our needs. Without a doubt, the best thing has been the confidence to be advised by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge about the prevention of the disease in terms of aerosols "

Action: Study of the Indoor Air Quality of 4 properties through monitoring.

Santa Maria La Blanca

Colegio Santa María la Blanca

Jon Urrutia, Santa María La Blanca School Manager: "Arquitectura Saludable ( AS) analyzed the ventilation and filtration facilities of the Santa María la Blanca School and concluded with some purification recommendations in the most critical areas of the school. We are very satisfied with the solution finally implemented. AS technicians are very professional and with a lot of criteria."

Scope: Portable purifiers with PCO and HEPA filter.